‘Empty Seat’

flash fiction_noface

“You’re sitting on my bag, sir”. People are rush hour really had no common sense. He was sitting on my bag, could he not tell? I’d done this journey for nearly seven years, up and down the train line. Every day someone arrived to spoil my journey – if only the trains ran to such a schedule. I persisted,“excuse me, my bag – you’re on it. Are you an idiot of simply ignorant?” He Finally a reaction, he turned.

As he did, I saw his face. There wasn’t one. No eyes, no mouth, no lips, no skin. Just a black void staring back. After a brief, insolent pause he turned away again leaving me to stare momentarily startled at the back of his head.

I couldn’t see his ears, but he quite clearly heard me. Why didn’t he move? What utter rudeness. No apology, nothing. I gripped the edge of my bag and pulled at it, yanking it from under him and returned to my paper and made a mental note to book first class from now on. At least there’d be some manners present.