My Journeys into Bake-Lifting

Getting the most out of bread making.

Getting the most out of bread making.

I may just have discovered the greatest warm up. Picture the situation: you have a workout scheduled, but you also want fresh, homemade bread. That old everyday situation. Make your dough, knead the will out of it for 10 minutes, then hit the weights.

An hour’s session gives your dough plenty time to proof. On your return, you can do the final bits and toss it in the oven. Two birds, one surprisingly effective stone.

Obviously kneading isn’t quite like ten minutes on a rowing machine or anything, but if you put some series metaphorical bollocks into it, it’ll be enough. I say metaphorical because neither baking or weights are gender specific and also no one wants real balls in their bakery goods.

As I just discovered, you may not want to do this recovering from heavy tricep work. Why? Every moment of kneading will be an individual fiery hell burning through your arms.

Bake, lift and be merry.


While this blog’s mainly dedicated to writing and general ramblings, I’ve discovered how weightlifting and words come together in a pretty sound way.

As a typical ‘creative’ word monkey, I can lack general organisation, discipline and general motivation. Weightlifting has given me more than enough of all of these and helped me find out that without (at least a bit of) planning, structure and goals, it can be hard to get much done effectively.

So every so often, I’ll probably highlight one or two of the ways writing and weightlifting has come together for me. Though, in this case, it’s baking.