‘A boy and his bear’

A while ago I got fascinated by the idea that one day someone could wake to find their feet replaced by small mammals, like a stoat or a medium sized otter. For better or worse I decided to explore this in the form of a short poem. 

There was a boy
With a bear for a leg
He found it hard
To get out of bed
So he stayed in there
And thought about a lunch
He’d never get to eat

His predicament was fine
He told himself
Other people had it worse
But he knew it was a lie
Still, he repeated it
As his stomach grumbled
And the bear it just slept
Waiting for something

Then one day
As he sneezed
The bear woke and growled
Finally it begans
To turn around
Making casual eye contact
It saw the boy
And ate him in two
Before leaving the room.