About Me

10481986_845785365084_5318006636078355865_nYou’re meant to write these things in third person. “Jonny Blyth is a writer who loves in a small cave off the corner of your street. In his free time…” But we all know it’s the author writing the About Page. We. Know. It’s. You.

So, this is me. Well, not literally me. I’m a living, breathing person, not a blog. But this is where I keep my things. Some of them at least. My professional face, the one that’s better groomed, lives over here The Velociwriter – my copywriting site. But you didn’t come here for copywriting services. Actually, what did you come here for?

When not copywriting or doing my day job marketing in the music industry, I write. A lot. I heard, via Neil Gaiman, that Raymond Chandler once said authors have ‘a million words of crap to get out of their system’. I’m trying to get a head start on that and, eventually, one of them might be great. No idea which one, but I hope it’s ‘cataclysmic’, that’s a great word.

Anyway, this here bit of the internet I’ve named Corrupt Logic is where I’ll be posting a few bits of writing, mostly short stories and flash fiction, along with posts about writing and all that free jazz.

There’s also a very dangerous possibility that a few maverick posts will spill out about whatever I might be engrossed in on any given day. So prepare for anything from coffee, weightlifting, typewriters, comics, guitars, how difficult it is to walk through the London Underground and general oddities.

And if you happen to be into the latter – the strange, absurd and generally interesting – check out Scream Quietly. It’s an online magazine I run about alternative arts, counterculture and oddities from around the world.