clouds clouds clouds clouds clouds

When I was born, you gave me away
I never held it against you.

I held open the door for you just like you taught me to,
but you never said thanks.

You told me to eat my greens and I did.
But when I said I wanted to live off them, you laughed at me.

You told me to go to school. To do well.
When I did, you replied with a handshake and debt.

You had your season of love and drugs
but told us to stay away.

When you told me to move out, get a place of my own, I moved.
I rented the best place I could from another one of you.
But when it came to somewhere of my own, that was another matter.

Is there something i could have done differently

Is it our hair, our clothes, our music, our phones

Or do you just not trust us to make the right decision
So you made the wrong one for us

And took the great out of Britain

And left us with a kingdom no longer united


Flash Fiction: ‘Leave the Gate Open’

It’s been quite a while since I did one of these, but I’m keen to start cracking out the flash at least once a week. Here’s my stab at last week’s Terrible Minds flash fiction challenge. Slightly over the word count, but what you gonna do?

Here’s the stipulations:

It starts with a bang.

That’s all the inspiration you need.

I want you to write a short story with that in mind — the tale must begin with a bang. You can, erm, interpret that how you choose, but it definitely means we begin in the middle of the action.

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What I’ve Learned From The Hungry Caterpillar’s Inability To Be Satisfied


Ever looked back at childhood favourite picture book The Hungry Caterpillar and thought ”that caterpillar is a real prick”?

Sure, he’s hungry. Who isn’t? But throughout the book there’s no shortage of food. It’s not like he’s going wanting. His problem is he doesn’t eat everything he’s given. Just chews holes in whatever he comes across, leaving it inedible for the next poor bastard who happens upon it.

Maybe he wouldn’t have been so hungry, if he’d just eaten up everything the first few meals had to offer.
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Learn it. F#ck it. Make it your own

For better or worse, I’ve rediscovered shredding. It took up many of my teenage years and a significant amount of my time at university. Then the realities of working life ensued. And now it’s back. But as a result of this, I’ve also rediscovered one of my favourite pieces of guitar playing advice.

Any time you learn an exercise, learn it and then just totally fuck it. The way you decide to fuck that thing is the way you’re going to develop your own style.

– Marty Friedman

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