Flash Fiction: ‘Leave the Gate Open’

It’s been quite a while since I did one of these, but I’m keen to start cracking out the flash at least once a week. Here’s my stab at last week’s Terrible Minds flash fiction challenge. Slightly over the word count, but what you gonna do?

Here’s the stipulations:

It starts with a bang.

That’s all the inspiration you need.

I want you to write a short story with that in mind — the tale must begin with a bang. You can, erm, interpret that how you choose, but it definitely means we begin in the middle of the action.

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When Writer Advice Becomes a Demon on Your Shoulder

I never used to read any ‘advice for writers’. There’s a strong collection of untouched text books somewhere in my living room about how to write this or that, which I’m sure are packed with well-meaning information that would no doubt help me. The internet, too, is filled with so many guides, quotes, how tos, dos and don’ts and a multitude of other lists and advice for writers of all levels and genres the volume of pornography and cat photos.

Regretfully (‘scuse the adverb, Mr King), I’ve started to read a lot of it.

First, I’ve got to say I’m not slating any of the advice. What I’ve read is all valuable, handy, sound advice by people who appear to know what they’re talking about. I haven’t got a problem with any of it. Most of what I’ve read to date has probably helped me become better at what I do, or at least become more aware of what I might be doing wrong. The issue is, it might have done it too well. Continue reading

The Line Between Weird and Random Words

Weird is pretty subjective. One person’s normal is another person’s “ermagerd what?” But when it comes to writing weird, there seems to be two schools: the people who are genuinely weird who will toy with your mind and make you wonder what exactly you just saw and the ones who have chosen random words from thin air, smashed them together and patted themselves on the head.
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